"I was glad when they said unto me, 'Let us go into the house of the Lord.'"

Service Times

  9:00 Sunday School - All ages

10:00 Morning Worship

  6:00 Sunday Evening 

  6:30 Wednesday Evening:  Prayer & Bible Study




Resurrection Sunday, April 16!  You are invited!    

  8:45 AM  Full-Course Breakfast - Be our guests!

10:00 AM  Worship Service

                 Congregational singing, Music by Kids Bell & Vocal Choir, Trumpet Trio,

                           Eric & Joan Bertoluzzi - Cello & Violin

                 Message from Psalm 22 - The Cross of Christ & Victory Over Death!

                           Pastor George Abbas, Jr

  6:00 PM  Evening Service of Rejoicing!

Palm Sunday, April 9  ~ Be our guests!

  9:00 AM Teaching Hour for Adults & Children

10:00 AM Worship Service

                 Congregational Singing w/Instrumental Accompaniment: Strings, Trumpets, Saxophone,                                                                                                            Piano, Electric Keyboard, Guitar

                 Beneath The Cross of Jesus ~ Played by Eric & Joan Bertoluzzi~Cello & Violin,

                                                                  Kathy Abbas, Piano Accompaniment 

                 Message from Psalm 118 - Both a historic & prophetic psalm - Pastor George Abbas, Jr

 4:00 PM Memorial Service for Ned Ingham

 5:15 PM Supper

 6:00 PM Family Night Service - Bring your guitar, harmonica, uke!

         Music will feature heaven songs.  Family Night was one of Ned Ingham's favorite services. 



Special Services

The Lord's Supper - First Sunday of The Month

Family Night - Second Sunday Night of The Month